str. Bajcsy-Zs., nr. 70, Hódmezővásárhely, 6800

    Metripond Plus Kft. comercializeaza cantare comerciale si industriale; se ocupade fabricatia si instalarea cantarelor tehnologice de mai mult de 30 de ani. Umplerea si cantarirea pungilor si a sacilor big-bag, implementarea solutiilor individuale fac parte din activitatile noastre. Producem cantare de rezervor, de bandasi cantare de flux. Podurile de cantarire din otel si din beton sunt instalate in constructie completa.Este asigurat servisul si furnizarea pieselor de schimb.


    Metripond Plus Kft. sells commercial and industrial scales; has been engaged in the manufacture and installation of technological scales for more than 30 years.Filling and weighing big-bag bags and small bags, implementing individual solutions are part of our activities. We produce container scales, belt scales and batch scales. Steel and concrete weighing bridges are installed in full construction.The service and supply of spare parts is provided.