Romania / Maramures
    Bdul. Unirii, Nr. 54, Hala 11, Baia Mare

    Camarus Convelt SRL comercializeaza autoclave pentru producerea conservelor si butoaie din inox alimentar destinate depozitarii lichidelor alimentare, cum ar fi: bere, vin, palinca, coniac, sau miere. Produsul este fabricat din material de calitate, si anume inoxalimentar AISI 304. Peretii si baza au grosime suficienta pentru a garanta rezistenta in timp, iar capacitatea permite stocarea unor cantitati de la 30 litri pana la 350 litri.


    Camarus Convelt SRL sells autoclaves for the production of cans and food grade stainless steel barrels intended for the storage of food liquids, such as: beer, wine, palinca, cognac, or honey. The product is made of quality material, namely AISI 304 food grade stainless steel. The walls and the base have sufficient thickness to guarantee resistance over time, and the capacity allows storing quantities from 30 liters to 350 liters.